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Sculpting Tools

The Mason Cash creative baking range provides novice or professional cake makers with all the tools and equipment that they need to create detailed, imaginative celebration cakes, cupcakes, pastries, pies, tarts and flans. Developed by professional cake designers, each item in the range has been selected with practicality and ease of use in mind to deliver professional looking cakes and bakes.

The range incorporates carving tools, detailed cutters and crimpers, smoothers, scrapers and non stick rolling pins which allow users to create perfect, precise icing coverings, character or model sculpts or fine detail finishing or fillings to cakes, cupcakes, flans etc.

Set of 4 Carving Tools

Set of 4 Carving Tools

The Carving Tools have been developed by professional cake designers, and selected with practicality and ease of use in mind. The Carving Tools sets is available in 2 different sets.   Set 1 contains: 1 Scallop / Comb Tool, 1 5/6 Star Tool, 1 Ball Tool and 1 Shell / Blade Tool. Set 2 contains: 1 Flower Shaper, 1 Serrated & Tapered Cone Tool, 1 Bone Tool and 1 Bulbous Tool.