Mason Cash & Homepride Partnership

Mason Cash & Homepride Partnership

With Mason Cash the home bakers’ favourite kitchenware brand and Homepride the nation’s favourite flour miller, it made perfect sense to collaborate as two iconic British baking brands and the result… the fantastic Mason Cash & Homepride Fred Mixing Bowl!

The limited edition Fred Mixing Bowl has been made in two beautiful colours; a baby pink and powder blue. Both colours feature the iconic diamond design that Mason Cash Mixing Bowls are famed for, but with the addition of the well-loved Homepride Fred character embossed around the bowl, making them highly collectable.

They are available to purchase online on the Homepride website for £16 + four tokens (see website for more details on how to collect the tokens).


Each bowl is 29cm, which is the perfect all-rounder size for mixing anything from batter to bread dough and everything in-between. Made from high quality, chip-resistant earthenware, the bowl is heavy enough to stand when mixing, yet light enough to hold comfortably in one arm for whisking.

This exclusive collaboration makes a unique gift for a loved-one or a new staple for your own kitchen. It is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face for many years to come.


A British Institution

All Homepride flour is made from wheat grown and milled in the UK and has certified 100% British Wheat provenance. Originating in the 1920’s in the Midlands, the pre-packed flour was manufactured by Robbins & Power but was taken over by Spillers, a company that had been making flour since 1897.

In 1964, the brand introduced the world to ‘Fred’, their Chief Flour Grader, who was born from an idea to capture the attention of the British consumer for an advertising campaign. Fred became a phenomenon and the face of the brand and to this day is recognised across the UK and well-loved, even achieving antique status!

Today the brand flourishes with Fred at the forefront and the face of the brand, making him a hugely popular character across Homepride’s distinctive resealable packs that adorn every supermarket shelf.

Recipe Collaborations  

Working with Kate Lyon, a finalist on the Great British Bake Off in 2017, we have developed a selection of simple, yet tasty recipes to excite the taste buds!

When we thought about creating these recipes, Kate Lyon sprung to mind as the go-to person to match the fun and personality of the Mason Cash & Homepride Fred Mixing Bowl and the expert we wanted to work with.

Kate has developed these recipes especially for us, and we’re delighted to share them with you…

Baked Doughnuts  

Our first recipe is for Baked Doughnuts, a delicious twist on the traditional doughnut using Homepride Self Raising Flour and baked to perfection (no frying here!).

Watch our video tutorial below for full details, including step-by-step method:

Cherry Frangipane Pie

Our second recipe is for a tasty Cherry Frangipane Pie, made using Homepride Plain Flour. This pie is perfect for family gatherings or as a homemade gift for a loved-one, and can be served using our Mason Cash William Mason 24cm Rectangular Dish as it’s an ideal size for sharing.

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