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School’s Out for Summer!

Keep little ones entertained this summer by getting them in the kitchen to bake some tasty treats! Our recipe for Fairy Cakes is perfect for younger children and they will love being able to get creative with their cake decorating! Ready to use tubes of icing are a quick and easy way for little ones to make their cakes look pretty and using small sweets or chocolates will always be a hit!

If your children are slightly older, they will love making these fun plant pot lookalike cakes! They are simple to make and kids will love tricking family members into eating a ‘plant’!

Top tips for baking with kids:

  • Wear aprons or old clothes; baking with kids is ALWAYS messy!

  • Keep some sweets to one side for snacking; it’s almost guaranteed that little ones will want to eat the cake decorations and lick the bowl! Having some spare sweets will keep them happy and ensure that there’s enough left for decoration.

  • Invest in a smaller size mixing bowl to make it easier for little hands. Our 24cm Colour Mix bowls are perfectly sized and come in a range of colours. We love the Bright Yellow Mixing Bowl to add a splash of colour to your kitchen.

  • If you are baking with older children, ask them to read the recipe to you to keep their attention (and to practice their reading!)

  • Keep younger children entertained by giving them a job to do while you are weighing out the ingredients or whisking. Dividing Smarties up by colour is a good one; especially if they get to eat a few while they are doing it! Cutting up the butter into cubes with a blunt knife is also fun but a little messier.

  • Our best advice when baking with kids is to accept that the kitchen is probably going to look like a pig-sty for the next hour or so and that your cake creations may not look perfect but as long as everyone is having fun then that’s the main thing! Happy holidays!