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Steak and Mushroom Pudding

A wonderfully warming meal which is perfect for colder days. A delicious twist on a British classic.


For the Suet Crust Pastry

  • 350g self raising flour
  • 175g shredded beef suet (beef dripping can be used as an alternative)
  • Pinch of salt and black pepper

For the Filling

  • 600g casserole steak, cubed
  • 300g button mushrooms, halved
  • 2 level teaspoons of well seasoned plain flour
  • 1 medium onion, sliced
  • 1 teaspoon Worcester sauce

Step 1

To make the pastry, sift the flour and salt into a mixing bowl, adding black pepper. Add the suet or dripping, mixing it into the flour using a knife blade. Once blended, add a few drops of cold water and mix using the knife. Keep adding drops of water and mixing until the mix becomes quite sticky.

Step 2

Next, mix and knead the dough together using your hands until you have a smooth, elastic dough. You will know when the dough is ready as the mixing bowl should be clean.

Step 3

Once ready, roll out ¾ of the dough evenly into a circle about 33cm in diameter and line a 2 litre pudding basin with it - pressing it down into all areas of the basin.

Step 4

Next, toss the steak, mushrooms and onion into the seasoned flour and fill the pastry lining with them. Then pour enough cold water into the lining to reach almost the top of the meat, and add the Worcester sauce and salt and pepper. Roll the remaining pastry into a circular lid. Dampen the edges of the lining and lid and seal the two together.

Step 5

Create a lid for the pudding basin using greaseproof paper (see our tutorial on how to create a lid to steam a pudding), then place the basin into a stock pot with a lid. Fill the stock pot with water so that it fills up to half way up the side of the basin and cover the stock pot with the lid and simmer to steam for 5 hours. Ensure that the simmering water is topped up regularly to half-way up the side of the basin a couple of times throughout the steaming process. Don't allow the water to fall below 1 quarter of the way down the basin.

Step 6

Remove the pudding from the bowl by turning it out onto a plate (see our tutorial page for details).

Step 7

Serve with seasonal vegetables.

View Table of Bowl Sizes
Size Diameter Inches Litres Fl oz [UK] Fl oz [US] Pints [UK] Pints [US]
18 22cm 8.5 2.5lt 88 84 4.4 5.2
24 20cm 7.5 1.75lt 62 59 3.1 3.7
30 17cm 6.5 1lt 35 33 1.8 2.1
36 16cm 6.0 900ml 32 30 1.6 1.9
42 14cm 5.5 650ml 23 22 1.1 1.3
48 12.5cm 4.5 400ml 14 13 0.7 0.8
54 11.5cm 4.0 250ml 9 8 0.4 0.48