Helping to Support Animals

Mason Cash are proud to support the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), and make an annual donation of £15,000 to help the charity with their mission to prevent cruelty, promote kindness and alleviate suffering of animals.

Inspired by a love and care for animals, Mason Cash have pioneered the best products for pets available, with an endorsement from the RSPCA.

More than one quarter of pets kept in the UK were bought or acquired from an animal welfare or rescue centre. In light of this startling statistic, we understand that pet owners in the UK possess a huge empathy and attachment not only for their animals, but also for those still suffering. This is at the heart of our motivation to help the RSPCA to make a difference.

By purchasing a Mason Cash product, pet owners can trust that not only are they buying the best for their pet, but are also helping others across the country.

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