Tips for Roasting Meat 

Become the king or queen of roasting meats with these helpful tips.


Bring your meat to room temperature.

Allow the meat to come up to room temperature before placing it in the oven. This reduces the cooking time and means that the meat doesn’t have as high a temperature to meet when in the oven.

Don’t underestimate basting

By basting you are allowing the juices to go back into the meat which creates moist and succulent roasts.

Know if your meat's rare or well done with the 'Thumb and Finger' test

This easy test is used by chefs all the time, and it's so simple to do at home. Just press your index finger and thumb together and feel the fleshy part of your hand just under your thumb with your other hand. The springiness of this will feel the same as your meat if it's cooked rare.

Now touch your thumb and middle finger just as before, this is what a medium cooked joint should feel like and pressing your ring finger and thumb will mirror what a well done joint feels like. This method also works if you're cooking a steak, and is works best on smaller joints.

The simple skewer test
Now this test is probably the most simple of all! Just insert a metal skewer into the thickest part of the joint. Take it out and feel the part of the skewer which was inserted into the meat. If it comes out cool, your meat is rare, if it's warm, that means your meat is medium and if it's hot, your meat is well done. But be careful you don't burn yourself!

Give your meat a rest!

Allowing your meat to rest after being taken out of the oven is an important part of the cooking process as this allows the meat to relax from cooking. Resting your meat after cooking is also important in terms of taste, as the meat soaks up some of those delicious juices for extra flavour.

Meat thermometers are handy to have

Meat thermometers are super handy to have at hand, especially if you're new to roasting or roasting a new meat for the first time. Just insert the thermometer into the thickest part of the joint, so you can ensure all your meat is cooked properly.

Here's a temperature guide for you to follow:
Beef, lamb, and venison: 52°C (rare), 60°C (medium), 75°C - 80°C (well done).
Pork: 75°C - 80°C
Poultry: 75°C - 80°C

Note: Meat continues to cook once taken out the oven, so you may want to remove the joint slightly before it reaches this temperature.

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