Cake Decorating Tools - Heart Plunger Cutters

The set of 3 Mason Cash heart plunger cutters are ideal for creating small blooms, floral borders on celebration cakes or for sprinkling on cupcakes.


What is a Plunger Cutter?

A plunger cutter is a tool that allows you to easily cut out shapes from sugarpaste. The plunger allows the cut out shape to be removed easily from the cutter. 

What material can it be used on?

Ideal for use with a wide range of edible and non edible materials including:

  • Sugarpaste (rolled fondant)
  • Petal paste (gum paste)
  • Marzipan
  • Craft clays

How do I use it?

  • Roll out your paste on a non-stick surface, using cornflour/icing sugar for dusting.
  • Cut out the heart without pressing the plunger.
  • Release the heart shape using the plunger. If you require a recess for decorating in the centre of the flower press out the flower shape on a flat surface.
  • Note: Tools used with food products should be kept separate from those used with non-food materials e.g. craft clay.
    Wash before first use, rinse and dry thoroughly.

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