Tips for a Perfect Pie

You'll never have a soggy bottom again once you read these helpful pie tips!


Use cold ingredients

All ingredients should be as cold as possible when making pies. You can place all your ingredients, even the flour, in the fridge or freezer before starting to make your pastry. If you are using a mixer you can even freeze your butter before making your pastry!

*Hint* Freeze the butter, grate, and incorporate into the flour

Always add the liquid a bit at a time

Different flours (even flour in the same bag!) absorb different amounts of liquid. To ensure you do not end up with a wet mixture add the liquid a bit at a time until your pastry comes together to form a dough.

Keep your equipment cool

Put all your pie making equipment in the fridge and allow to cool before making your pie. This makes sure your mixture is as cold as possible when preparing. Use plenty of flour when rolling out your dough to make sure the dough does not stick to the bench. Once rolled out if you think there is too much flour on your pastry simply brush it away with a dry pastry brush.

Make sure air can circulate underneath the pie dish

Allowing air to circulate underneath the pie dish ensures the base of the pie cooks and prevents that oh so dreaded soggy bottom!

Cool your pie properly

Cool your pie on a wire cooling rack to allow air to circulate underneath the pie and further ensure you do not get a soggy bottom.

Have the Perfect Pie Dish!

The Mason Cash Perfect Pie Dish range has been specifically developed to provide perfect pie baking results. The vented base means heat will be able to circulate easily around the base of the pie ensuring a perfect base. The embossed interior provides improved heat distribution underneath pastry allowing a more even bake, better browning and an easier release from the base. Finally, the pastry anchor allows the pastry to grip to the rim of the dish and helps prevent pastry from shrinking and slumping back inside the dish.

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