Tips for Roasting Vegetables

Read these tips and your veggies will be roasted to perfection every time!


Some vegetables roast slower than others

Different vegetables roast at different speeds so make sure you cut to them the right size so that they all cook evenly. Veggies that take a while to cook tend to be hard, like carrots and parsnips, so cut these into small pieces. Soft vegetables like aubergines cook much more quickly, so chop these up into larger pieces. As a general rule, the harder the vegetable, the longer it takes to roast!

Just throw it in whole!

Some vegetables can be roasted whole in their own skin. Vegetables like peppers, butternut squash and aubergine can just be placed in the oven (oil optional) and will roast to perfection without any prior chopping or fussing about. Easy!

Herbs are your friend

Adding some fresh herbs to your roast vegetables will really maximise the taste and add a delicious flavour. Rosemary and Thyme and always good options, and don't forget to season with some salt and pepper for extra tasty vegetables!

Garlic is multipurpose

Garlic can be added to your tray of vegetables still in their skins, no peeling necessary! And when your vegetables are cooked, you can use the roasted garlic as a sweet garlic puree, which tastes great added to pasta dishes or simply spread on top of bread.

Oil is important

For perfect roast veggies make sure you add a good glug of oil. Use enough to coat your vegetables, but don't add too much or this can make them far too greasy

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